Silver Butterfly Charm Set

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There are eight charms in this butterfly charm set. The set has two butterfly designs, both in silver. There is a small butterfly. This butterfly is in smooth silver has scalloped wing edges. There is a small circular cutout at the bottom of each wing. The edges of the wings are outlined in a black ridge. The other butterfly charm is flying and has a lot of cutouts. Also in smooth silver, this charm has a lot of cut outs. The antenna are long thin smooth silver with a slight arc at the end. The head of the butterfly is round in smooth silver. The body is long and thin with fridges throughout. The wings are cutout in the center. There are formed with a narrow ridge of silver which are see through in the center.. Each wing is next to each other with the antenna's in between the top wings. Mix and match with other charms, or your favorite pendant, bracelet, or necklace to create your own unique look designed by you!