Classic Outdoor Charms in Gold and Silver 6pc

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Use these detailed outdoorsy charms in your next DIY jewelry project. There are six charms in all and each one is unique. There is a smoother silver leaf with cutouts in the sides of the leaf. Another is a silver dragonfly. It has and oval clear stone in the center and detailing on the wings and tail. Another is a smooth gold butterfly. The wings have cutouts in the center. There is another gold butterfly with a smooth gold center and wings that have multiple cutouts giving a detailed look. one is a flower with a half round pearl stone in the center. The petals are gold with a clear stone at the end of each. Under the gold flower are silver petals for a layered look. The last is a Silver but. The body is long and narrow with clear and red stones. The wings are large with line detailing. Perfect for jewelry, necklace, bracelet earrings and more! Use one or all to create to create a unique piece, designed by you!