Classic Cross Charms 6pc

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Use these detailed cross charms in your next DIY jewelry project. There are nine charms in all and each one is unique and all are in smooth silver. The smallest is has rounded arms in the shape of a teardrop which are cut out in the center. Another has squared arm ends, the silver has a square pattern in it. The center has a cutout of a thin cross. There is one in which the arms have a pointed end with a dot pattern on them. There from has line detailing. Another looks like a piece of smooth silver metal looped and twisted to create the cross shape in a figure eight pattern. Another is a classic cross with thin silver edges and wide cutout in the venter. The last has an intricate design. The shape is created from heart shapes. The heart shapes have intricate dot detailing. Perfect for jewelry, necklace, bracelet earrings and more! Use one or all to create to create a unique piece, designed by you!